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Your Customer Number

    Your Customer Number, printed on the rear of your Graduation Card, is used to find your Portrait images only. You can not use this number to find your on stage ceremonial images or any other images on the website. To find those you must look for them by visually searching the various pages within each folder. 

Can't find my Portrait images?
     Any images that we couldn't identify, for whatever reasons, will be placed in an ORPHANED IMAGES folder. Check this folder if you can't find your Portrait images.

Discount Code not Working?

     If you are entering a discount code, make sure you only use UPPER CASE letter and that there are NO SPACES between the numbers and letters. This code can only be used once per customer.

How to choose Packages and add images to them

Choose an image you wish to purchase from a Gallery folder, and click on it once to enlarge it.


If you then scroll down to the bottom of that image you will see a symbol that says, ‘Assign To Package’


Click on the ‘Assign To Package’ symbol and you'll be presented with a list of available Packages from which to choose.


After selecting a package the next screen will display your image on the left, and a list of ‘+’ signs to the right of it.


Click on the plus symbol opposite the sizes shown in the package to add them to your order.

Return to the Gallery to choose other images to assign to that Package until it’s completed. 


You can add as many Packages as you wish at the same time. You don’t have to work on one Package at a time.


    You can delete packages or ‘stand alone’ images (those not in a package) in the Shopping Cart at any time if you have made a mistake or have changed your mind.


Image quality

The images viewable on this website are much lower resolution than the image you will be sent. Furthermore, all images will be enhanced and adjusted further to remove any faults there may be with the background of the image. 


GST is only applicable to Australian customers and prices indicated will not include GST until you have logged in (registered) with your Australian address. All other countries are exempt of GST.

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