Hello and welcome to Larry Pitt Photography's Graduation website where you'll be able to view and purchase prints and digital images photograph throughout Australasia. 
I hope you find some wonderful memories of yourself with your family and friends and that your visit is a pleasant experience and thank you for visiting our website.
To find to your images, click on the 'Galleries' tab above and go to your graduation for the appropriate year.
Best regards,
Larry - Princpal Photographer.

If you required help or assistance we can be contacted via email on the contacts tab above or by phone on 1300 727 008.

Please note that any unwanted items at the edge of your image frame will be removed or cropped out before they are printed. 
Please note that there is a discrepancy with the price of digital images on some parts of the website. Digital files are $71.50 including GST, not $65 as sometimes shown. We are trying to find and correct the error so we apologise for this discrepency.

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